Natural Hair and Hair Braid Training

Lola Oloye

  • 23 Years Experience Styling Hair
  • Natural Hair Care Instructor
  • Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Certified Natural Hair Product Formulator 
  • Business Management Degree

My Story 

I am the founder and instructor of All Braids and Hair Care.  I started instructing hair braid training in 2010, on how to safely disinfect implements, safely service customers, and how to braid and groom natural hair.  My online course is designed for trainees to improve their ability take care of their own natural hair, basic training on how to develop natural hair care products, and/or start their own natural hair care business. 

My passion and love for natural hair began when I was twelve years old. That is when I styled my own hair into two braid cornrows.  I remember going to school and seeing how my classmates did not believe that I braided my own hair. They figured my Aunty Velma must have styled it since she was a hairstylist.  Aunt Velma was the hairstylist in the family when I was growing up.  She worked on the westside of Chicago and was the owner and founder of “Aunt Velma Palace of Beauty.”  I would take the bus from the south side of Chicago to the west side, hoping to help Aunt Velma style hair. I still laugh today because I really thought I could work with her without training nor license in styling hair. Her exact words were, “Child you really thought I was going to let you style my customers’ hair? You can clean the bathroom and clean the rollers and curl rods!” 

She would say,  “I am a doctor of hair.”

I never understood what she meant until I became one myself. Being a hair stylist is not simply about styling the hair, but understanding the anatomy, trichology, disorders and how to take care of the scalp and hair with treatments, scalp massages, and with self care instructions.  

I started cosmetology training in 1998 and became licensed in 1999.  Soon after, I took an additional course to learn how to install undetectable extensions- “knot-less extensions,”  Fishtail braid, tree braids and much more! Today, I am happy that I had that experience.  Aunt Velma inspired me to become a professional hairstylist and instructor of natural hair care.  With that being said, I decided to name my natural hair care product line “Aunt Velma Inspiration.” 

I started All Braids and Hair Care Company in 2010, and have trained many students in safety, sanitation, and hair braid techniques. I have inspired my students to become natural hair care technicians, to master natural hair braid stylists, and even to owning their own businesses.